Catalog 2012-2013 
    Apr 24, 2018  
Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Industrial-Organizational Psychology: MA, Los Angeles and San Diego

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Program Outcomes

All OP Programs

  • Knowledge of research design, measurement, and statistical tools appropriate for basic research as well as for applied research in such areas as selection testing, surveys, and program evaluations
  • Ability to understand and critically evaluate the literature in a given area
  • Ability to integrate knowledge of ethical behavior in organizational studies
  • A positive, pro-active and non-judgmental attitude towards diverse cultural and international identities and in their interpersonal and professional interactions.
  • Ability to conceptualize and deliver culturally competent professional services in their respective areas to diverse populations.

Additional for MAIO (LA, SD, and MAIO Portion of Dual MBA and MAIO in San Diego)

  • Knowledge of I-O Psychology concepts, models, theories
  • Knowledge of principles of Industrial-Organizational Psychology practice and consulting.
  • Skills in applying psychometric concepts to problems in I-O Psychology
  • Skills at applying Psychology concepts, models and theories to organizational practice and research
  • Knowledge of professional ethics and legal requirements in the practice of Psychology

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

This is a 48-unit, full-time program that can be completed in two years, or longer if attending part-time. Four to five courses are taken each term, offered in daytime, executive, evening, and/or condensed formats (varies per campus). An advantage to students in the MAIO program at either campus is the opportunity to take some courses in their program at the other campus.

Curriculum Plan

First Year

Second Year


*Psychology Elective options for Masters students include all electives for PhD students in Organizational, Clinical, or Forensic Psychology, plus all PhD courses for which the student has completed prerequisites.

Industrial-Organizational Psychology Program Faculty: Los Angeles and San Diego

Faculty for the MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology program are listed below:

Camala Boyce, PhD, Lecturer (San Diego)

Nurcan Ensari, PhD, Professor and Director, I/O Psychology Certificate Program - Istanbul Bilgi University, Turkey  (Los Angeles)

Bernardo M. Ferdman, PhD, Professor (San Diego)

Dale Glaser, PhD, Principal Lecturer (San Diego)

John Kantor, PhD, Associate Professor and Program Director PhD in Leadership, Associate Program Director for I-O (San Diego)

Patricia Denise Lopez, PhD, Associate Professor (Los Angeles)

Rodney Lowman, PhD, Distinguished Professor (San Diego)

John Renner, PhD, Assistant Professor and Director, Organizational Consulting Center (OCC-SD / San Diego)

Jonathan Troper, PhD, Assistant Professor and Director, Center for Innovation and Change (CIC / Los Angeles)

For a detailed description of program faculty background and research interests, please see the alphabetical listing of Faculty  in the California School of Professional Psychology.

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