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  Nov 23, 2017
Catalog 2012-2013 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Leadership: PhD, San Diego

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The PhD in Leadership program combines elements of programs from the Alliant’s School of Management and California School of Professional Psychology: International Relations, Business/Management and Organizational Psychology.

Program Outcomes

All ASM-OP Programs

  • Knowledge of research design, measurement, and statistical tools appropriate for basic research as well as for applied research in such areas as selection testing, surveys, and program evaluations
  • Ability to understand and critically evaluate the literature in a given area
  • Ability to integrate knowledge of ethical behavior in organizational studies
  • A positive, pro-active and non-judgmental attitude towards diverse cultural and international identities and in their interpersonal and professional interactions.
  • Ability to conceptualize and deliver culturally competent professional services in their respective areas to diverse populations.

Additional for PhD in Leadership (San Diego)

  • Familiarity with classic and current literature on leadership.
  • Ability to combine theoretical knowledge and own experience to develop and display appropriate leadership in selected arenas and situations.
  • Maturity in articulating and exercising high standards of ethics in leadership.
  • Awareness of the necessity of, and demonstrated skill in, leveraging the leadership potential of diverse (international, multicultural, gender, etc.) elements of an organization.
  • Ability to perform supervised research in leadership. Demonstrated potential for performing independent research.
  • Mastery of the meaning and application of responsibility, accountability, transparency, strategy, vision, persuasion, motivation, followership, teamwork, creativity, and other key elements of modern leadership.
  • Familiarity with central drivers and trends of change in today’s organizations and the ways in which these – including globalization, technological change, ideological conflicts, etc. – demand leadership knowledge, skill, and initiative.

Specialized Admissions Requirements

This program targets experienced leaders. Applicants must have demonstrated leadership ability in the career world and possess a master’s degree in a related field. 

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

A series of advanced seminars deal with areas of inquiry that are crucial to the development of leadership.

Students will develop a dissertation topic under guidance from ASM and CSPP faculty. Coursework will further prepare students for dissertation-writing by providing in-depth instruction in qualitative and quantitative research techniques. A comprehensive exam and the selection of a dissertation committee will precede the dissertation proposal defense. The committee, under the supervision of the Program Director, will pass or fail the dissertation document and subsequently pass/fail a final oral defense.

Doctoral degree course requirements total 75 units.

Curriculum Plan

First Year

Second Year

Third Year


It is expected that the PhD in Leadership will take a minimum of three years full-time study, however, a more practical time frame is 4 years due to the fact that working students will not be able to take every class when offered. Additional semesters may needed to complete the dissertation.


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