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Catalog 2011-2012 [v2] [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Academic Programs Overview

Educational Offerings at Alliant International University

Alliant International University degree programs are housed within distinct schools:

Most schools offer programs at multiple Alliant International University locations.

Graduate Programs

Alliant offers full-time programs as well as part-time programs designed for working professionals and others with time constraints. All locations offer graduate programs.

Undergraduate Programs

All undergraduate programs in the U.S. are currently offered at the San Diego campus with immediate expansion plans underway for other locations. Undergraduate programs are also offered at the Mexico City campus.

Undergraduate programs are currently two year degree completion programs.

Credential and Non-Degree Programs

Programs offering credentials and certificates in a variety of fields, generally for professionals, are shown by school.

Open University

Students who have not yet fulfilled necessary requirements for admissions into a degree program, may apply to be part of the Open University Program, which is a Non-Degree granting program. However, a student with 24 units of undergraduate work earned will qualify for co-enrollment under this special program. A student who is classified as part of the Open University Program need not necessarily meet the admission requirements for a degree program, but may be requested to complete a one page application form and supporting documentation.  The application fee will be waived for students applying to this Program.

Those who qualify for Open University enrollment will benefit from a service package which includes discounted tuition and fees. Open University students will also benefit from all other student services which are available to degree seeking students at Alliant International University. For instance, a student will have an Academic Advisor who will provide professional guidance and a personalized study plan.

Open University students are not eligible for financial aid.

In addition to the application form, International students will need to provide a permission letter from the primary institution where the student is currently enrolled as a full time student. The letter must include proof of full time enrollment and evidence of I-120 under the particular institution.

Students who pursue this program will receive a certificate of class completion from Alliant. In addition, students will have the option to continue at Alliant International University and apply for a degree completion undergraduate program.

From this admission status, a student may apply for full admission to the university through the regular admission process. If the student becomes a degree-seeking student, a maximum of 21 semester units (undergraduate) earned while in the Open University program category may be applied toward a degree seeking program.

Tuition and fees for this program are presented in catalog section “Expenses and Financial Aid”.

Extended Degree and Part-Time Programs

The Fresno campus and Sacramento campus offer doctoral programs in clinical psychology on a part-time basis. This option is available to those entering at all levels. All such part-time programs include one year in a full-time internship and have a time limit for completion.

Most clinical psychology doctoral programs at the Los Angeles campus require that all students attend full-time unless a modified program has been approved.

The San Diego campus offers an extended degree option within most clinical psychology programs for students who wish to study at an adjusted pace. Students may extend their programs for one or two years to increase the duration for each program to a maximum of seven years for graduate level entry and six years for those entering with credit for previous graduate work. (This does not include additional time for doctoral extension).

In all of its doctoral clinical psychology programs, the San Francisco Bay campus provides a moderated option in which students enroll at two-thirds pace (8-11 units per term). Students complete the two pre-candidacy years in three years at a moderated pace. Students entering the moderated program after advancement to candidacy complete the remaining years in three to five years, depending upon the degree program and internship option chosen. The coordinator of advising and enrollment provides assistance to moderated students in planning their programs. The campus usually does not permit students accepted and enrolled in the doctoral programs to pursue the doctoral degree at a part-time pace below nine units per term.

Continuing Education

Alliant International University-Continuing Education Division offers approved continuing education programs specifically designed for psychologists, family therapists, social workers, counselors, and other mental health professionals. Programs are offered classroom-style on six campuses throughout California, and online to a national audience of Alliant International University and alumni and other licensed clinicians. This division provides the highest quality continuing education programming for skill enhancement, for maintaining knowledge of the latest advances within the profession, for meeting continuing education requirements mandated by the professions, and for exploring new areas of interest.

Continuing Education programs address current mental health issues, enhance more effective psychotherapeutic interventions and organizational consultation, fulfill mandatory California Board of Psychology and California Board of Behavioral Sciences licensure requirements, and are designed to help psychologists and other health service providers keep pace in the rapidly changing professional environment. The Continuing Education Division at Alliant International University sponsors a variety of program emphases including specialized training in the treatment of Post-Combat Disorders, practice considerations for ethnic minority populations, family systems perspectives, theory and techniques in health psychology, organizational culture and consultation, feminist perspectives in psychodynamic and systems theory, and innovations in psychological assessment.

Alliant International University - Continuing Education is approved by:

  • The American Psychological Association (APA) to offer continuing education for psychologists. Alliant International University-CE maintains responsibility for this program.
  • The California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) to provide continuing education for MFTs and LCSWs (provider #PCE234).
  • The California Board of Registered Nursing (BRN) to provide continuing education for nurses (provider #CEP11235).

Programs are offered classroom-style throughout California, primarily in association with the Alliant sites in Fresno, Irvine, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and San Francisco. Many classes are also provided over the Internet to a national audience.

Continuing Education
Alliant International University
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