2018-2019 Catalog 
    Apr 25, 2024  
2018-2019 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Services and Student Life

Student Advising

The Alliant International University Student Advising team is a critical component in a collaborative network of campus and online resources. Student Advisors serve as the primary resource from the beginning of students’ educational path through degree completion. Student Advisors assist with registration, study plans, degree audits, transfer evaluation, and advancement to candidacy for appropriate degree programs.

Student Advisors partner with campus departments, including Admissions, academic programs, Disability Services, Military/Veterans Affairs, Career Services, International Student Services Office, and others to ensure seamless student support. The student advising team is committed to responding to all student inquiries by phone or email within one (1) business day.

Faculty Advising

Faculty advisors are professional mentors who are available to consult with students on issues of academic performance, policies, rules, and curriculum requirements, including doctoral projects/capstones, and dissertations /theses. 

International Student Services

The International Student Service Office (ISSO) provides additional services for students from countries other than the United States. The ISSO provides pre-arrival information to help international students prepare for their Alliant programs, gives advice on matters of concern, and refers students to appropriate resources. The ISSO serves as liaison to organizations sponsoring international students and to U.S. government agencies.

All international students and scholars are required to always comply with United States laws, policies and regulations pertaining to their status; the ISSO assists international visitors in understanding and following these U.S. laws and regulations. The ISSO also encourages and develops co-curricular activities to help students and others understand and appreciate the variety of cultures represented at Alliant.

Student Assistance Program 

To assist students with personal issues and problem solving, Alliant International University offers a Student Assistance Program. Students may access critical incident support counseling via telephone or video sessions, and may connect with a counselor for free psychological support, legal advice, complimentary financial counseling, and community referrals. Services from the Student Assistance Program are free to Alliant Students and their family members. Additional information and access credentials for the Student Assistance Program are on the myAlliant Student Portal. Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Academic Support Center

The Academic Support Center is committed to helping Alliant students achieve their academic goals by offering resources to complete their programs of study successfully. The Center offers students various resources through face-to-face tutoring, online tutoring, and online self-directed resources via Brainfuse Tutoring services. The following services and resources are available:

  1. Writing Support - Alliant offers focused support on multiple aspects of the writing process (brainstorming, outlining, composing, evaluating, revising and editing). Tutors help students improve their grammar, spelling and punctuation; format papers using correct APA style, and use Microsoft Word more effectively. Students may also submit a written assignment for comprehensive feedback from a writing specialist and received feedback within one (1) business day of submission.
  2. Quantitative Skills - Alliant offers support in beginning to advanced algebra, statistics, finance, and other math-related courses.
  3. Dissertation Support - Alliant offers support for students in all phases of their Dissertation or Doctoral Project through the Dissertation Tool Box workshop series. Previous workshop topics have included: Writing your Proposal, APA Formatting, Statistical Decision Trees, and IRB basics.


ALLiantHELP is a one-stop support center for seamless assistance with general information, student accounts, financial aid, registration, academic policies and procedures. Connect with an ALLiantHELP team member by phone (858-635-4357 or toll-free 844-313-4357), email (studenthelp@alliant.edu), or by Live Chat on the university webpage (www.alliant.edu). For specific hours of operation, please visit AlliantHelp.

Accessibility Services

The University provides access to facilities, services and programs in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The University will provide reasonable accommodations for students who present appropriate documentation. The reasonableness of an accommodation is dependent upon the request and the circumstances, and may not necessarily be the preferred accommodation expressed by the student. Accommodations that fundamentally change the nature of the program are not considered reasonable.

Accommodations are not retroactive, and students should request accommodations from the Office of Accessibility as soon as they have an identified need. Students with disabilities may obtain details about applying for services from the Office of Accessibility Services coordinator. Students must provide documentation from a qualified professional to establish their disability, along with suggested reasonable and necessary accommodations. For more information, visit the Office of Accessibility Services or go to https://www.alliant.edu/consumer/disability-services/.

Career Services

Career Services provides individualized career guidance and services to assist students and alumni with job search strategies. Students and Alumni may access the Career Impact portal for access to self-directed resources including: company profiles, resume and interview development tools, and job listings from Alliant employer partners. More information may be found on Alliant International University’s website. Career Services staff are also available to assist with resume/curriculum vitae writing, interview preparation, career assessments and career coaching on a one-to-one basis in person or via Skype. 

Career Services Disclaimer

Alliant International University Career Services provides services to students, alumni and employers, and makes no representations or guarantees regarding job placement, salaries, or any employment opportunities or positions. The university is not responsible for wages, safety, working conditions, or any other aspects of off-campus employment.  It is the responsibility of the students and alumni to obtain thorough information when interviewing for and accepting any kind of employment.

Alliant International University programs and services are designed to prepare students and graduates to pursue further study or employment in their chosen field; however, Alliant International University does not guarantee that students or graduates will be offered any position or place of employment during their enrollment in the program at the University, or after its completion.

The Alliant International University Career Services’ website also contains links to other websites as a convenience for its users, and is not responsible for the contents of any linked site. Anyone who discovers misuse or abuse of our website is encouraged to report the matter to Career Services.

Alumni Services

Alliant graduates can join thousands of alumni in the Alliant International University Alumni Association who are contributing to their communities around the world. The University continues to support alumni through professional development and gives them the means to expand their professional network. The University encourages alumni to take advantage of the complimentary alumni services including online career support, continuing education discounts, networking opportunities, and merchant discounts. Alumni can visit the Alumni pages to update contact info, ask questions, access alumni services or participate in a variety of alumni events.


Alliant’s libraries are interlinked and accessible via Alliant’s website, providing access to the complete library catalog, a selection of online professional databases, research resources, and other services.

The collections of the Alliant Library are represented in the University’s online library catalog and include physical volumes, current print journal subscriptions, and videos. The Alliant Library provides access to online resources, including research databases, full-text content from journals, and a variety of e-books. Resources that are not available on-site may be requested from other Alliant locations via the shared online catalog or from LINK+, a network of California and Nevada libraries, with over thirty million titles.

In each Alliant library location, computers are available to access the Internet, electronic books and journals, and online research databases, such as PsycINFO, Lexis-Nexis, OCLC FirstSearch, Digital Dissertations, Medline, ERIC, and Criminal Justice Periodical Index. Most of these online resources may also be accessed from home or office. The Alliant Library is also open to the public.

The San Francisco Law School law library is available to students Monday through Saturday during class and office hours. The Law Library is accreditation compliant and the hard copy collection includes United States Supreme Court Cases, California Appellate and Supreme Court cases, annotated California Statutes, the full Witkin series, specialized Treatises, and other legal research and reference materials. Students and faculty at San Francisco Law School have access to comprehensive on-line legal materials provided by LexisNexis, which can also be utilized by the computers in the quiet, library setting.

An accomplished staff of librarians and support personnel provide services across the University and to distance learners. Services include reference, bibliographic research consultation, information literacy instruction, interlibrary loan, document delivery, and course reserves. Please visit https://library.alliant.edu for additional information. To start using the library, follow the link and log in with your last name as username and your Alliant ID# as password (note that this login is different than that used to access other Alliant resources online). Begin by perusing the research guides at https://alliant.libguides.com/index.php and if additional assistance is needed, contact a librarian at https://alliant.libguides.com/askalibrarian.


Orientation is extremely important for all new students as they become members of the Alliant International University community. Orientation familiarizes students with policies, procedures, programs and services. Orientation also offers new students the opportunity to interact with and to make connections with faculty, administrators and new and current students.

International Student Orientation

International students participate in a customized orientation program designed to help them transition to life in the United States, including information on visa regulations, housing options, transportation, campus life and fun activities. Special attention is paid to developing supportive relationships with fellow students, university faculty and staff. International students are required to arrive on campus at least one (1) week prior to the start of academic classes to help them transition.


Alliant International University offers scholarships each academic year to new and continuing students. Scholarship awards are applied to tuition and fees on the student account at the University. In addition to meeting any specific GPA threshold determined by a scholarship, award recipients must be enrolled full-time and must be continuously enrolled for continued eligibility for the full amount of the award. For additional information on scholarship resources, visit https://www.alliant.edu/admissions/financial-aid-scholarships/.

Military & Veterans

Please refer to the Military and Veterans Service  section for additional information and details.

Law School

Please refer to the San Francisco Law School  section for additional information and details.

Student Life

Alliant strives to create environments that foster the development of students beyond the classroom. University staff in partnership with student organizations plan programs that encourage professional and personal development, social interactions, cultural proficiency, student leadership and campus pride. Student Life activities provide a great opportunity for students to connect and build community.

For a full listing of campus events, please visit https://www.alliant.edu/events/.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) exists at each of the Alliant California campuses. The purpose of the SGA is to maintain effective communications with faculty and administration, promote social interactions and cohesion among students, manage fiscal resources, and to be a positive catalyst for change at all levels of the Alliant community. In addition to each campus-specific SGA, there is a university-wide System Student Government Association (SSGA) which is made up of one to two representatives from each of the campus organizations and serves as a university voice for student issues.

All registered on-ground students at Alliant International University are eligible to apply for a leadership position with the SGA at their campus. Membership in the Association shall terminate automatically by withdrawal, graduation, transfer, or dismissal from Alliant International University.  

Student Organizations

Alliant campuses have groups or clubs that sponsor student activities, share interests, or bring speakers to campus. These may be formed by students, based on professional or personal interests. Each student organization must register its goals, objectives and officers through the Student Government Association and have a minimum of 10 current student members. Contact your campus Student Government Association for additional information on forming a new student organization or for a list of specific clubs and groups at your campus.

Student organizations are encouraged to bring outside speakers, community members/organizations to campus to enhance the academic and social experience of our students. The University is dedicated to ensuring that a variety of perspectives are represented and civil dialogue is encouraged. Alliant reserves the right to deny access to outside groups/individuals when appropriate to ensure the mental and physical safety of our students, faculty, staff and community members.

Food Service

University student organizations may contract with outside food service organizations to cater university-wide student events. Student organizations must submit a copy of the restaurant/caterer’s county-issued public health permit to the Campus Director and/or campus Facilities office prior to the event. At the San Diego campus, student organizations are encouraged to use the current campus catering service for food service. Over the course of the year, student organizations may host internal potlucks wherein the participants bring food prepared from home to share with other group members. These events are private events exclusively for members of the specified group.