Catalog 2016-2017 
    Jul 20, 2024  
Catalog 2016-2017 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business and Management

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Our programs in Business Administration provide an enterprise wide view of advanced skills in business and management disciplines, including practical experience in the application of those skills in the context of the overall dynamics of organizations. The hallmarks of our business program are an emphasis on students learning in a diverse community of international and multicultural learners, while preparing to contribute to significant business issues in a socially engaged manner.  

Our students are prepared for professional practice and responsible leadership in corporations, governmental and non-governmental organizations in the national and international arena. Our Professional Development program has been recently strengthened to allow students to gain practical experience in business practices, as well as in community, environmental and ethical practices. In addition to the content knowledge gained in the courses, students get trained for professional practice through a three-part training which includes traditional internship, professional identity coaching, and community service learning projects. This is geared towards supporting them for competing in the contemporary job market.

The business stakeholders, including our faculty, students and alumni, are working together to set the learning goals for our programs. Our business students will have:

1. Professional skills for communication in writing and in presentation

2. Skills in critical thinking in the context of business management

3. A positive, pro-active and non-judgmental attitude towards diverse cultural and international identities and in their interpersonal and professional interactions

4. An understanding and the ability for ethical decision making in business scenarios

5. The skills to work well in international, multicultural teams

6. Knowledge in the selected business and management concentration (for MBA and BS) or specialization (for DBA) of study

All programs are:

  • International and multi-cultural - to provide the understanding and skills that are required for success in a multicultural global environment

  • Multidisciplinary - to provide a view of the organization that includes critical skills from Business and Management, Global Studies and Organizational Psychology

  • Environment-driven - to provide the understanding and analytic skills that are necessary to evaluate and respond appropriately to an organization’s changing economic, political, cultural and technological environments with special emphasis on sustainable and social engagement

  • Experiential for Professional Practice - to provide practical experience working with multicultural teams on practical and significant problems in corporate, governmental and non-governmental organizations in the national and international arenas.

  • Change-oriented - to provide the attitude, understanding and skills necessary to achieve success in turbulent organizational environments

  • Holistic - to provide an overall perspective of the organization as a system

Master’s programs provide advanced skills in selected business and management disciplines, including practical experience in the application of those skills in the context of the overall dynamics of organizations; change manager and change agent skills; skill in working as a member of a multicultural team; and an ability to collect, analyze and critically evaluate data as well as other information to arrive at reasoned conclusions.

Doctoral programs emphasize discovery of new knowledge that can be applied to enhance successful management of discontinuous change in business firms, government organizations and other not-for-profit organizations. The doctoral programs prepare students for advanced positions in management or consulting, or entry into teaching and research.

Management development and certificate programs provide advanced knowledge and skills for working managers to acquire new proficiencies to respond to changing organizational environments. Programs may be open for managers from a variety of organizations, or tailored to the needs of a single organization.

Business and Management programs are committed to excellence in the formulation and delivery of a climate that includes (i) challenging academic requirements for students, (ii) an interdisciplinary faculty with a holistic perspective who can provide excellence in teaching, curriculum development, scholarship and service to the University and to the global community (iii) support staff that is dedicated to the creation of a conducive learning environment for students and faculty, and (iv) a mutually supportive faculty-student community.

Degree Programs

Business and Management program offerings differ by location and include:

Bachelor’s Degrees

Business Administration: BS  

International Business Administration: BS, Alliant Mexico  


  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Information Systems and Technology Management
  • International Business Administration
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Global Studies
  • Management
  • Social and Professional Media
  • Health Care Management

Master’s Degrees

Business Administration: MBA (Please consult the 8-week online and onground catalog)

Business Administration: MBA, Alliant Mexico  

Sustainable Management: MBA  and Sustainable Management: MPA  - San Francisco only

Sustainable Management: Dual MBA and MPA  - San Francisco (only)

** Students must meet specific admission requirements for this program.

Doctoral Degrees

Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)  


  • International Business with specialization in Finance
  • International Business with specialization in Marketing
  • Strategic Management

PhD in Leadership  

Certificate Programs


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