Catalog 2013-2014 
    Mar 05, 2024  
Catalog 2013-2014 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration: MBA

Program Outcomes

Objective 1: Gain an enterprise wide view of advanced skills in business and management disciplines.
Objective 2: Gain practical experience in the application of those skills in the context of the overall dynamics of organizations
Objective 3: Obtain change manager and change agent skills
Objective 4: Obtain skill in working as a member of a multicultural team
Objective 5: Obtain an ability to collect, analyze and critically evaluate data as well as other information to arrive at reasoned conclusions.
Objective 6: Gain skills to evaluate the environments of organizations and develop responsive strategies for organizations
Objective 7: Obtain advanced competence in interpersonal, oral, written, quantitative and technology management skills

Training and Learning Model

The MBA program at Alliant’s School of Management provides advanced business, management and analytical skills and extensive practical experience applying those skills, especially in multicultural contexts.

The program harnesses Alliant’s industry and corporate connections in regional as well as international areas and provides networking and professional development opportunities including internships, community service learning and personal branding workshops.

Specialized Admissions Requirements

Applicants must satisfy the requirements stipulated in the “Admissions and Registration” section of the University catalog, and must also meet the following criteria:

GPA: Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0

Recommendations: Each candidate must provide two written confidential recommendations from those who can attest to the applicant’s abilities, interests, and proven accomplishments in education.

Resume: A current resume is required

Personal essay: A two-page personal essay describing the following is required:

  • a brief autobiographical statement including future professional plans
  • the professional organizations to which you belong and
  • honors, activities and other creative accomplishments.

GMAT or GRE: Applicants to the MBA program must give evidence of passing either the GMAT or GRE exam or they will have an admissions interview.

Upon receipt and review of all documentation, the candidate will be considered for final admission. Final admissions decision will be made by the Program Faculty.

Curriculum and Degree Requirements

Completion of 12 courses, consisting of eight core courses and four concentration courses. Courses are three units each and this leads to the requirement of completing 36 units, consisting of 24 core units and 12 concentration units.

Non-Business Majors:
Students, who don’t have a business major, are required to take 4 additional courses before starting their MBA curriculum of 12 courses or 36 units. The total number of courses for a non-business major is 16: 4 Foundation Courses and 12 courses as a part of the MBA curriculum.

The MBA curriculum of 12 courses is followed, as it would for business majors, after the 4 foundation courses are completed.

Curriculum Plan

Courses are three units unless otherwise indicated. A full load of courses are offered in Fall, Spring and Summer.

Concentration Curriculum Plan

12 units in concentration curriculum plan.

MBA Program Faculty

Wendy Chung, PhD, Associate Professor

Ute Jamrozy, PhD, Associate Professor

Louise Kelly, PhD, Professor

Rachna Kumar, PhD, Professor and Faculty Program Coordinator

Cornelius Los, PhD, Professor

Rene Naert, PhD, Professor

Saba Ozyurt, PhD, Assistant Professor

Hamid Rahman, PhD, Professor

Leon White, PhD, Assistant Professor

For a detailed description of program faculty background and research interests, please see the alphabetical listing of faculty  for the Alliant School of Management.