2022-2023 Catalog 
    Mar 22, 2023  
2022-2023 Catalog

Doctoral Respecialization Certificate in Clinical Psychology

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School: California School of Professional Psychology

Calendar(s): Semester

CIP Code: 42.2801

Program Description/Overview

The Doctoral Respecialization Program in Clinical Psychology (DRP) is housed in the Clinical Psy.D. program, and designed for applicants who hold doctorates (PhD, EdD, PsyD) in other areas of psychology from accredited institutions and who wish to specialize in clinical psychology. This program is ideal for psychologists who wish to gain additional clinical skills and meet the requirements for licensure.

Based upon the student’s background, a DRP curriculum is tailored to include both academic work and clinical training experiences (20-24 hours per week) appropriate for licensure. The program generally is completed in three full-time years. A typical program includes 43 units of course work and three years of postdoctoral clinical experience (two years of practicum experience, and one year of full-time internship). At completion of the program students generally will have the full 3,000 hours necessary to be license eligible. Every effort is made to ensure that training obligations meet the licensing standards of the California Board of Psychology and the regulations of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) or the California Association of Psychology Internships Council (CAPIC).

Some students in the DRP may wish to gain optional teaching experience. Opportunities may include teaching one session of an ongoing class or providing a one-day workshop. Details would be worked out with, and supervised by, the advisor.


DRP students seeking licensure in California or elsewhere are responsible for:

  1. Determining with the California Board of Psychology (or other states’ licensing boards if they wish to practice in other states) that their prior doctoral degree meets the requirements for eventual licensure as a psychologist in the state.
  2. Registering as a psychological assistant with the California Board of Psychology before beginning clinical training hours through CSPP to ensure that the hours will be counted towards the Board of Psychology’s postdoctoral training requirement for licensure.

Degree Requirements

An additional requirement is successful completion of the Clinical Proficiency Progress Review (CPPR), a written and oral examination of clinical skills based on a case seen by the student. This is usually taken at the end of the second year of courses.

Curriculum Plan

The Doctoral Respecialization Program (DRP) typically requires about 85 units taken at Alliant (43 in coursework and 42 in post-doctoral clinical units) and takes three years. All courses must be completed within 7 years of starting the DRP unless otherwise agreed to in writing with the DRP coordinator. DRP students must maintain a Grade Point Average of 3.0 (“B”) or higher at all times to remain in the program. One or more letter grades below “B” or a grade of “no credit” will be cause for probation or dismissal from the program. All of the university’s policies related to conduct and academic performance apply to DRP students (see catalog).

Courses may be waived based on prior coursework and/or experience.

Section A: Coursework Requirements

Clinical Sequence (35 units)

Section B: Optional Coursework Requirements

The following topics meet California Licensing Requirements - these are not required to complete the DRP but are required for licensure in California. These courses usually require about 6 hours (less than 1 unit) and may be taken at any approved site offering continuing education units.

  • Chemical Dependency
  • Child Abuse and Treatment
  • Human Sexuality
  • Partner Abuse
  • Aging
  • Suicidality

Section C: Postdoctoral Internship Hours (42 units)

DRP students must be registered psychological assistants with the California Board of Psychology (BOP) prior to beginning a practicum/internship at their field placements in order for these hours of supervised professional experience to count toward licensure. The Board of Psychology in California requires 3,000 such hours for licensure. It is the student’s sole responsibility to contact the BOP, determine her/his eligibility to be a registered psychological assistant, and get the psychological assistantship at the field placement site registered in writing with the BOP before beginning the field placement.

Section D: Other Requirements

CPPR exam: Passage of Clinical Proficiency Progress Review (CPPR), a written and oral case exam, near the end of the year during which the student completes PSY85310 /PSY85323 .

Section E: Recommendations

  • 15 hours of personal psychotherapy completed within 15-month period
  • Conference attendance, 6 hours total

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