2022-2023 Catalog 
    Jun 17, 2024  
2022-2023 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential: Early Completion Option

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School: California School of Education

Modality(ies): Online

Calendar(s): 8-week term

CIP Code: 13.1399

Program Description/Overview

This program is for candidates who want to specialize their teaching career within a specific academic subject of expertise. Single subject teachers typically pursue careers within California’s middle and secondary schools. The Early Completion Option (ECO) is an accelerated version of the Standard Intern Track, designed for those with prior teaching experience. Candidates receive course waivers based upon additional state-required testing results.

Application for California Teaching or Administrative Services credentials or authorizations are made through the university’s Credential Analyst. Candidates who concurrently enroll in both the Master of Arts in Education (MAE) Program and the Credentialing Program are required to meet admissions standards and requirements for both tracks. All credential programs receive English Learner authorization embedded within the credential program.

Program Learning Outcomes/Goals

The program will support students to:

  1. Modify curriculum and instruction based on the individual needs of their students (address diversity in teaching/learning).
  2. Provide a supportive learning environment that reflects diversity and multiple perspectives and promotes the social and civic development of their students.
  3. Use enduring content in subject and pedagogical knowledge to inform their teaching in the classroom (know content, critically evaluate literature on effective practice).
  4. Develop relevant, rigorous, and developmentally appropriate curricula (critically evaluate and apply literature on development, learning).
  5. Use assessment of their students’ learning and their own teaching to inform future planning and teaching (reflect on student learning outcome data, problem solve, critically evaluate literature on effective practice for use in a self-contained classroom).
  6. Engages in ongoing professional development and works respectfully and collaboratively with colleagues and community to ensure quality instructional programs and stewardship of public schools. 

Students will be able to meet the CCTC Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs):

  1. Make subject matter comprehensible to all students
  2. Assess student learning
  3. Engage and support all students in learning
  4. Plan instruction and design learning experiences
  5. Create and maintain effective environments for learning
  6. Develop as a professional educator

Training Model

Intern teachers serve as a salaried Teacher-of-Record during clinical practice for four 8 week terms, assuming immediate and full teaching responsibility and management of the classroom. 

Professional Behavior Expectations/Ethical Guidelines

Teacher Performance Expectation (TPE) 6:

  1. Reflect on their own teaching practice and level of subject matter and pedagogical knowledge to plan and implement instruction that can improve student learning.
  2. Recognize their own values and implicit and explicit biases, the ways in which these values and implicit and explicit biases may positively and negatively affect teaching and learning, and work to mitigate any negative impact on the teaching and learning of students. They exhibit positive dispositions of caring, support, acceptance, and fairness toward all students and families, as well as toward their colleagues.
  3. Establish professional learning goals and make progress to improve their practice by routinely engaging in communication and inquiry with colleagues.
  4. Demonstrate how and when to involve other adults and to communicate effectively with peers and colleagues, families, and members of the larger school community to support teacher and student learning.
  5. Demonstrate professional responsibility for all aspects of student learning and classroom management, including responsibility for the learning outcomes of all students, along with appropriate concerns and policies regarding the privacy, health, and safety of students and families. Beginning teachers conduct themselves with integrity and model ethical conduct for themselves and others.
  6. Understand and enact professional roles and responsibilities as mandated reporters and comply with all laws concerning professional responsibilities, professional conduct, and moral fitness, including the responsible use of social media and other digital platforms and tools.


The following exam must be passed before a student can begin coursework as an ECO candidate:

  1. Assessment of Professional Knowledge (APK): Secondary
  2. Meet CSET/SMC (Subject Matter Competency) CSETs

  3. Pass TPAs pursuant to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Programmatic Accreditation

All CSOE credential and authorization preparation programs are approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). For more information on CCTC, go to https://www.ctc.ca.gov/.

Internship, Practicum, and/or Dissertation Information

Students earning their credentials will either have two terms of student teaching or four terms of internship.

Credit Units

Total Credit Units: 21

Total Core Credit Units: 21

Total Elective Credit Units: N/A

Total Concentration Credit Units: N/A

Curriculum Plan

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