2020-2021 Catalog 
    May 16, 2022  
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PSY66313 - Introduction to Clinical Forensic Psychology

(3 units)
This course introduces to students a broad perspective of the field of forensic psychology and is designed to promote an understanding of the relationship between psychology and the law by showing how psychological research, theory, and assessment can inform and be involved in the legal process. This course will examine the roles and responsibilities of forensic psychologists within the criminal, civil, family, and juvenile court systems, and will include overviews of landmark cases and relevant research. The course will also cover legal and ethical considerations and issues that arise within the field of forensic psychology, as well as the different types of evaluations and appropriate assessment procedures to be used when working with both children and adults to answer a variety of referral questions in the various court systems. Review of case records, conducting appropriate evaluations for courts, consulting in cases, evaluating other evaluators, report writing, and testifying in court are all topics to be covered. This course will include case studies, practical examples, and examples of court testimony in different types of cases. This course is also designed to provide students a practical and hands-on learning opportunity to conduct forensic evaluations. Students will be directly exposed to psychological assessment measures that are utilized in forensic evaluations and will be provided the opportunity to administer, score, interpret, and write up assessment results. Areas of focus will include specialized psycho-legal assessments commonly conducted within the criminal, civil, family, and juvenile justice systems. Students will also learn and receive feedback on report writing in the context of forensic cases.