2023-2024 Catalog 
    Jul 22, 2024  
2023-2024 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

FOR31800 - Crime in Literary and Media Contexts

(3 units)
This course examines the criminology literature, the language of justice and contexts to which crime is portrayed in the media. The intent of this course is to make the student a more informed critic and analyst of the literary and media contexts in which crime is depicted. In particular, crime movies, television crime dramas, plus television news and newspaper crime coverage will be the major sources of data for uncovering how the media portrays society’s struggle with the crime problem. The fundamental role played by the media in defining what constitutes deviance and criminality in American society will be discussed. This course examines how the media portrays the police, the courts and the administration of criminal law, and the American correctional system. In each case media images will be compared to empirical studies of policing, the adjudication process, and punishments actually delivered. In addition, exploration of the use of new media technologies within the criminal justice system itself will be explored. How have technological innovations such as video cameras and multimedia computers changed the criminal justice system?