2020-2021 Catalog 
    May 16, 2022  
2020-2021 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Certificate in Computer Networking

School: California School of Management and Leadership

Modality(ies): On-ground, online, hybrid

Calendar(s): 8-week term

CIP Code: 11.0103; 14.1004

Program Description/Overview

IT jobs are in high demands, and those with certifications will sure set themselves apart from the competition. Through the computer networking certificate program, students will learn about concepts and the tools used to build and maintain networking infrastructure, cloud architecture and business modelling, database management, and network security will be covered in this certificate.

This program is not yet approved to utilize federal financial aid; therefore, students enrolling in this program are not eligible to receive federal financial aid (Title IV funds), but may apply for private education loans through an outside lender.

Program Learning Outcomes/Goals

  1. Understand business opportunities using IT networks
  2. Understand cloud computing and its applications
  3. Identify IT networks, their architecture and protocols
  4. Explore database design, implementation and management
  5. Understand how to secure and monitor system networks, their connectivity, and how information is exchanged between them

Training Model

Lecture and hands-on

Professional Behavior Expectations/Ethical Guidelines

Similar to corresponding program and degree expectations

Credit Units

Total Credit Units: 9

Total Core Credit Units: 9

Total Elective Credit Units: N/A

Total Concentration Credit Units: N/A

Curriculum Plan

8-Week Calendar

Term 2 (3 units)

Term 3 (3 units)