2017-2018 Catalog 
    Dec 04, 2020  
2017-2018 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

CJS3000 - Introduction to Professional Practice

(3 units)
This course provides a survey of the various professional and educational opportunities in the helping professions including fields of clinical and forensic psychology, marital and family therapy, school psychology, developmental psychology, and industrial-organizational psychology. Students will gain an appreciation for how mental health providers participate in healthcare delivery in public and private healthcare systems. Students are exposed to career tracks at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree levels though interaction with professional representatives from various disciplines and fields. This course will also provide an in-depth exploration of the ideas and values that guide professional practice in the helping professions, including professional codes of conduct and philosophical ethical principles. Western and non-western ethical philosophies are explored in the process of making professional ethical decisions.
Students must pass this course in order to proceed with BS in CJS program.